A Mac is already very expensive, so most people can’t or won’t upgrade the internal storage for increased capacity. The 2TB storage upgrade option from Apple costs $800 USD! What if I told you that you could create your OWN external storage device with the same storage capacity (but not quite as fast) for just 1/3 the cost?

In this video I explore the world of external NVMe m.2 SSD drives and enclosures, and put one together with my own parts and test it’s performance on my M1 MacBook Pro (with a 256GB internal SSD).

Here are the parts for the NVMe External Drive featured in this video:
Crucial NVMe M.2 SSD: https://geni.us/crucialnvme
Plugable NVMe Enclosure: https://geni.us/plugablenvme

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Laptop Stand: https://geni.us/mstand
LG 27” 4K Monitor: https://geni.us/lg27inch4k
Anker USB-C Hub: https://geni.us/ankerhub8in1
Samsung T5 Portable SSD: https://geni.us/t5drive
Logitech Wireless Mouse: https://geni.us/mxmouse
Logitech Wireless Keyboard: https://geni.us/mxkeyboard
OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock: https://geni.us/owcthunderboltdock

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/createdtech
Equipment used to make this video: https://crtd.tech/gear

00:00 Introduction
03:09 Unboxing and Building the External Drive
05:28 Comparing to other External Drives
08:39 Read and Write Speeds
10:09 Negatives of this Drive
11:21 Transferring Test Files
13:34 Conclusion

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